'She cares about him and wants to make sure that he's not making a major mistake, but she also wants to know whether she should just close that door with him.' Nik's candid answer, teases Herbst, 'knocks Elizabeth off her feet.'

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I think Elizabeth vacillates almost hourly about whether it’s a good idea or not. I can say for sure that she loves him — and she loves him in a different way and more than she loved Ric. I think part of [giving Ric a chance] was trying to get away from Nikolas, trying to get away from that feeling that she has inside for him. But I do think that she thinks about him all the time and that she would love to just skip to the end of the movie to see what happens. She’s afraid to go through all of the turmoil, she doesn’t want to do that again, but if she could write the end of the story herself, they’d be living happily ever after, married, probably with a dozen kids.
Rebecca Herbst

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Will you be giffing the Wyatt and Hope wedding on B and B?

Hi anon. Sorry, but I won’t be… 

1.) I don’t really have the time. If I were to gif B&B, I would be gif-ing Aly/Oliver. I adore them and I hope, eventually, I can get around to making more stuff with them besides the 1st gifset I did of their underwater photoshoot.

2.) I have very mixed feelings about the wedding… I’m not completely caught up on B&B, but I don’t think I’ve ever been more sympathetic to Liam & Lope. o.O I really don’t like how much Quinn has interfered with them at every turn. I prefer Hott much more than Lope, and Wyatt has done nothing wrong at all. But I’d much rather see Lope happen or implode all on their own volition, rather than these endless stream of near misses and bad timing…

For me, it’s starting to get to the point where it’s like the Steffy/Liam/Hope triangle except I think B&B is much more balanced overall right now and I hope that Liam & Ivy may be something good that comes out of this.

The Europe location shoots were so gorgeous though, and I thought the Hott “leap of faith” was really romantic.

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fyeahgh replied to your photo: “So… what would you say to a two-way?” “I’d say this.”:
you and your flawless coloring SLAAAAAY ♥♥♥

::this is me blushing:: I ♥ you, Lexi! xoxo    ( fyeahgh )

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“So… what would you say to a two-way?”
“I’d say this.”

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When I dance, everything goes away

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17 YEARS OF NIZ: “I know that it’s more than just our friendship or our history. I know that there’s always gonna be something special between us. I know that it’ll be forever.” ღ

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"There will always be an us."
» Happy 17th Anniversary, Nikolas & Elizabeth!

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Happy Birthday, April! [2/2]

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Happy Birthday, April! [1/2]

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